Friday, December 30, 2011

Framed photo gallery

Remember when I started this project? Way back in July? Well, I finally finished it. Took me long enough.

We ended up going with a square arrangement, trying to have fairly even spacing, but not symmetrical across the middle. The final arrangement shown here is not where we started out. We cut butcher block paper in the shape of all the frames and moved them around the walls (I have a picture somewhere, but can't seem to find it). Once we had it how we wanted, we hung the actual frames. And then decided we didn't like the two vertical 2x4s on the right (they're now on the left middle) and we decided we actually liked the two bigger pictures in the same column, instead of one on the right and one on the left. It was good to have a plan - it was better to diverge from the plan.

And then it took me a while to collect the items to go in it. Here's what we've got:

A wedding photo ("groomals" if you will) taken by the lovely Laura Jenkins of AL Collective:

A family tree designed by yours truly (over many man hours in photoshop):

A simple saying on a deep purple background (also a photoshop creation):

A cute temple print of HaveJoy on Etsy:

And a bunch of photos of us over the years.
Prom - 2003

Seeing a Christmas Carol - Dec. 2002

Band concert - 2002

We also have a spot for our parents' wedding photos. Since Hans' parents are moving to Panama in a couple months, all their photos are packed up. So my parents get two spots for now:

Once I have to take down the Christmas decorations next week, that table is going to be pretty bare. I'll have to come up with something to add beneath the gallery.


  1. I'd meant to tell you had great the arrangement looked, but then I got distracted. I think the band concert photo is particularly adorable :)