Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Up! up and away

Friday was the Edwards' annual Halloween party and, as usual, we had a blast. I swear, that thing gets more extravagant each year. Last year, we won the costume contest as a pregnant 50s housewife and her milkman.

We debated what to go as this year and had planned to go as the young Carl and Ellie from Pixar's Up! But at the last minute, we decided that no one would recognize us. So we went as old Carl and the house.
I found some directions on how to make the house from Living with Annie. I thought she had a template for the house on her blog, but it turned out she didn't (just a very, very small jpg) so I ended up free-handing the whole thing. Just a pencil, a tri-fold presentation board and a ruler. Then I went back over all my lines with black Sharpie. And then Hans and I had some fun coloring time with some crayons and colored pencils!
We used duct tape to secure a toilet paper roll to the back of the chimney and fed the balloons through it. We also taped on a ribbon so that I could wear the cardboard around my neck.

Hans' coat was scored at Goodwill for a measly couple of bucks. Add some cheap-o glasses, bowtie and silver hair spray and we've got a costume.

I didn't wear my costume most of the night - I couldn't really move and the balloons made it hard to talk to people. Unfortunately, we lost this year to Jim and Mandy McFarland whose amazing paper mache Jack in the Box (and Mrs. Jack) took home the prize. Personally, I voted for the Frazier's x-men version. Erin should keep that white streak all the time. And Mandy and Adam looked... well, like themselves ;)

Also from the party - "bloody poop" is a disgusting looking dessert, but sure tastes yummy. And Tim's family feud lists were SO rigged.

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