Monday, October 24, 2011

Attempting freezer meals

Lately in the blogosphere and on Pinterest, I've been seeing a lot about freezer meals. Hans and I cook dinner together almost every night. We eat out on weekends, but never do fast food or prepared meals during the week. It's just not how we were brought up.

But sometimes we come home and after a long day really dread having to spend an hour cooking dinner. Some nights we default to spaghetti just because it's quick and easy. So I decided I'd see what this freezer meal thing is all about.
So this past Saturday was all about cooking. I picked seven meals and cooked most of the day. Almost all of the recipes could be split into two smaller casserole dishes, meaning that we got 13 meals out of it. Our freezer is now stocked and hopefully I don't have to cook on a weeknight for the next three weeks.
Most of the recipes are ones we normally use, but a few are new and I hope we like them. We'll see how it goes. Here's the line up, if you're interested in checking any of them out:

Chicken Pot Pie - My mom's recipe
Chicken Chili - Annie's Eats
Chicken Almond Rice Casserole
White Chicken Enchiladas - Let's Dish
Baked Ziti - Annie's Eats
Classic Lasagna - The Pioneer Woman
Beef Stew

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