Monday, August 9, 2010

Wish we were there

Yesterday, Malinda's brother Stan came over for dinner. Much of our dinner conversation was fueled by our Ross-style laminated lists (favorite movies, tv shows, etc). We also talked about travel and where we'd like to go. It got me day-dreaming about all the places I'd love to go someday. Here's my top five:

5. Maldives

Not sure this is number five, but I really only had a good solid four and just needed to pick a fifth (because top four doesn't sound quite as nice as top five). I've always wanted to stay in one of those over water bungalows and the Maldives seems like the perfect place to do nothing but lie on a beautiful beach for a week.

4. Japan

This one's really for Hans. I know it's a great dream of his to go to Japan and I'd like to see that dream come true for him.

3. Hawaii

Ok, so I've actually been there before. But it's been years and I want to go again!

2. Venice

Even though I've been to Italy, I never made it to Venice. I have this great fear that it will sink before I make it there.

1. Greece

I'm fascinated by pictures of Santorini - it looks like something from a dream. So beautiful. I hear the beaches on the Greek islands are gorgeous, and I fantasize about visiting the ancient ruins.

What's yours top 5 list?


  1. I've been to all of those except Maldives. Heard it's gorgeous. Much cheaper option to Bora Bora too, which I heard looks rather similar.

    Top 5? You'll have to see that in my blog entry! I'm stealing your idea!

  2. I did too :) Now I'm feeling like Greece should be on there too. I LOVE looking at pics of Santorini. One day...

  3. Thanks for sharing yours! I had fun reading them.