Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Thoughts on food storage

Hans and I are getting started with food storage, but it's a little overwhelming! We're starting with 72 hour kits and then we'll work up. Unless any of you have a tried-and-true, stress-free method to getting started?
(Not ours... I wish).
But my real question is this: Where to keep food storage?
a). In one of the guest closets upstairs
b). In the Harry Pottery closet under the stairs
One of us argues that upstairs is not preferable because a Texas tornado would take the top story right off. The other of us argues that downstairs is not preferable because of Texas's penchant for flooding.
Help us out - where do you keep your food storage?


  1. Tried-and-true, stress-free method: purchasing a year's supply of #10 cans from the Bishop's Storehouse. (Disclaimer: DH did the buying and we've only 6 months at this point.)

    Where to Keep: water bottles keep well behind the U-bend of sinks (it's not a lot of space, but it's "free" space because so little else fits back there) and a layer of boxed #10 cans substitute perfectly for a bed frame. (6 months of #10 cans = one queen bed)

    Disclaimer. I figure that as #10 are good for 15-30 years depending on the item that they're only going to be accessed in an emergency. I also figure that that emergency will have to be severe enough that I'll be happy to have my tin-flavored flour.

    My goal is to build up my pantry supply of food. The basic strategy right now is to buy 10+ of anything that's a remarkable price and usually buy 2 of whatever I happen to need. The pantry is more tricky because of the limited space and the frequent expiration dates. ("Frequent" being six months to three years.)

  2. Though my comment will not be as intense as Janell's, I would suggest under the stairs. You are less likely to get hit with a flood than you are a tornado, big wind storm, etc. And if there's a tornado (which I have survived quite a few), you'll be hiding under the stairs anyway because that's the safest place to hide. So, you'll be able to snack while you wait! :)

  3. The best part is how much soda is in there. A couple after my own heart.

  4. Well, one has to stay hydrated ;)