Thursday, August 12, 2010

Little updates

We've added a few little things to the kitchen in our never-ending attempt to improve it. I feel like it has a little bit more character and charm now. Behold:


Super cheap, quick to install. We saw these at Home Depot for something like $4 per pull and bought 'em off Ebay for about a buck each. $40, including shipping, for all hardware. Very cheap and easy way to add a little something extra to the look of the room.


I was browsing a wedding blog one day and the couple getting married had this cute sign on their dessert table:

 I've never heard of the saying before but it made me smile. I couldn't make one exactly like theirs, but came up with my own stick-birdie version. Frame is from Ikea!


The dome light above the sink was gross and boring. We swapped it out for this blue beauty from Ikea. On sale for $14.99 and matches our kitchen paint perfectly.

Next up.... curtains!

1 comment:

  1. Wow, I figured you custom painted that lamp in some fashion. And for $15? How perfect!

    The hardware does give it a little more of a finished look. I didn't even notice it missing or feel the "before" picture was unfinished without the knobs, but they really do add to the appeal.

    The "happy as a bird with a french fry" is cute :)