Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hour and a half of pure happy

That's what we got on Friday night when we went to see the Focus Films documentary Babies. We saw it at the Alamo while enjoying some yummy pizzas and there weren't even that many people there.

There's virtually no dialogue and I'm not even sure there's a real story line, but I do know that I smiled the entire time. Like, my cheeks hurt when I left the theater.

The movie follows four babies in four different locales - San Francisco, Tokoyo, Namibia, and Mongolia. The Nambian baby, Ponijao, and the Mongolia baby, Bayar, stole the show. They were hilarious (I think Bayar was my fav.)

Even though there wasn't much of a story line, it was interesting to see how they were all raised so differently. The American parents were making sure no harm came to their little baby girl while the Namibian baby was eating dirt, drinking stream water and letting a dog lick inside his mouth. As we left, Hans remarked that babies are a lot sturdier than we think they are.

You can't see the movie and not leave feeling good. We both had kinda crappy days on Friday and it definitely cheered us up. Who doesn't love babies?


  1. Hans is right! Babies who eat dirt grow up to have healthier immune systems. We evolved to eat dirt :)

  2. Meghan, you are an idiot!