Monday, May 17, 2010

A baking fool

Aside from massively cleaning this weekend, I also did a ridiculous amount of baking.

That would be about three dozen pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, two loaves of banana nut bread, and about three dozen vegan chocolate orange ginger cupcakes.

Don't worry - aside from one of the loaves and a couple left over cookies, none of this is actually for Hans and I. We're not THAT bad.

The bread and cookies are for Elder Banda who is celebrating the big 2-6 next week. They're two of his favs so I sent off a big box of them to him.

The cupcakes were to celebrate Jenn and Jared's engagement. We had dinner at his parent's house yesterday and that was our little contribution. The recipe is *supposed* to be vegan, but we cheated a little. We didn't use soy milk or vegan margarine.

The recipe was surprisingly easy, and would have been quick if we had a zester..... trying to "zest" an orange peel with a grater = not so good.

The frosting was the best part, also very easy to make. Hans likes that the best and is just eating the leftovers straight from the bowl.

Maybe I'll let my oven have a little rest this week. If it's lucky.

Vegan chocolate orange ginger cupcake recipe here.
Banana nut bread recipe from this cookbook.
Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies is my mom's recipe :)

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