Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Calling Austin crafters

I want to make this.

I saw a how-to article about it on a blog a couple days ago. I love the colors and how pretty it is and immediately thought how much Hudson would love it. As you've seen, he loves to climb up on top of things. He thinks he's the King.

The instructions seem pretty straight forward and I think I can handle it. But not being much of a sewer or quilter, I'm not sure where in Austin is the best place to find good fabric. I know some of the basics - Hobby Lobby, JoAnns, Hancock - but was hoping that some of you crafty people (I know I have sewers lurking here) might know some off-the-beaten path places with stellar fabrics. Let me have 'em!


  1. Three stores:

    1) The quilt store. They don't sell quilts, they sell fabric. Lots and lots of fabric-- many in traditional prints, but also great batiks too. (You're going to learn a lot about fabric, real fast.)

    2700 West Anderson Lane
    Austin, TX 78757-1312
    (512) 453-1145

    2) The cotton cupboard. It's out in lakeway, but they're super nice, she has different picks, and a lot of fresh, new looking fabrics. Its where I bought my fabric to do those pillows I made. (My mom made.) And they have great classes.

    1503 Ranch Road 620 N
    Lakeway, TX 78734-3232
    (512) 294-2776

    3) The common thread. Downtown. They carry organic cottons and many japanese fabrics-- lots of dress fabrics.

    701-E South Lamar Boulevard
    Austin, TX 78704
    (512) 445-7270

    Finally, if you're looking for someone to sew with, my mother and a couple ladies from our ward, including myself, get together every tuesday from about 10 am onwards. They sew, I write, or sometimes work on some paper projects I have going. Its open to whomever, and you couldn't get better seamstresses in one room... if its fabric they've made it, and they can answer just about any question you have. Lemme know if you want to come.

  2. Oh! And I forgot the silk road. They're across the street from the north central market, and they have FABULOUS buttons. (And a lot of silk.)

  3. The Common Thread is a marvelous place. I went in there when I was looking for a patch fabric I needed. Also got my curtain fabric there.

  4. The Quilt Store is great, as is The Honey Bee Quilt Store. Honey Bee is smaller, but the people are friendlier in my experience. My best advice is to get fabrics that are the same weight and materials, i.e. don't mix heavy home dec. weight with 100% cotton with a poly blend.