Monday, November 26, 2012

New kitchen day

A few posts back, I mentioned our awesome deal score at Home Depot on appliances. Well, today was D-Day... delivery day!

They are so beautiful I keep going into the kitchen to stare. And so you can enjoy the shiny, too.... a few before and afters!

Before and After: We picked this model for the oversized oven window 
We also love that this one has a convection bake option and all digital controls
And it has a fifth burner - woot!
And the new dishwasher... Also a Maytag. 
Our old dishwasher was so old that the prongs were rusting in the middle and breaking off (you can count three missing in this pic!) I also hated the utensil basket in the middle of the bottom tray - it took up too much space. I like that the new model has a utensil basket that can move around. And no agitator that comes up through the bottom of the middle tray!
And top controls that don't show when the dishwasher's closed :)
The kitchen when we moved in 
What a difference it makes!
Now please excuse me while I go stare at my shiny some more :)