Wednesday, September 19, 2012

17 weeks

How Far Along: 17 weeks, 3 days
Size of the Baby: Onion, 5.1 inches, 5.9 ounces
Weight gain/loss: According to the doctor, lost a pound since last week? I think that's probably just water weight.
Sleep: Not as sleepy! Just sleeping hard, still having weird dreams, and having trouble waking up.
Best Moment of the Week: I don't know about "best," but this made me giggle a little: I was in HEB, in the ice cream aisle. I was trying to get some cookies and cream (the pint size Blue Bell) and of course it's on the top shelf and almost gone, so it's pushed all the way back to the back. So here's this pregnant lady in the ice cream aisle staring mournfully at the top shelf ice cream when a nice, and tall, man came up and offered help. Could I BE any more cliche? (read that in Chandler Bing's voice).

Movement: Still no! I'm getting impatient ;)
Symptoms: Still tons of heartburn - I don't think that one's going anywhere. Had some headaches this week and the round ligament pain has been kicking in like crazy - guess baby is having a growth spurt or something.
Food Cravings: not really any this week. Milk. Just want to drink lots of milk.
Gender: Team Green, but faltered a little bit in Baby Gap this weekend. Just so many cute dresses! But this is why we're not finding out.
Belly Button in or out:  In
Anything making you queasy or sick:  Chicken, mostly. But I've noticed that after dinner, if I can still smell the food it makes me queasy. I have to eat it and then not smell it again.
Labor Signs: Still no.
Wedding ring on or off: On.
What I miss: Finding a comfortable position to sleep in. I don't mind my side so much, but I miss my stomach and sleeping on my back makes me wake up, even though I somehow keep ending up on my back
What I am looking forward to: Those first movements - I want to feel baby!
Nursery: That turned out to be a bigger project than we expected. We finished the joint compound (two layers) and smoothed it out and painted it and then.... decided it looked terrible. It just showed every little bump and trowel mark. So ugly. So we went to Home Depot and bought orange peel wall texture in a can. Four cans later, there's some texture on the wall. We re-painted it last night and hopefully now it'll look decent. Then all we'll have left is trim and then we can start decorating :)
Emotions:  Pretty even this week, shockingly. A little weepy, but not bad. Definitely cried when Edgar fixed my car on Saturday (I was so happy!) and cried while holding our friend's new baby Maverick on Sunday (he's a beautiful baby)
Stupid things I have done: Ugh. My stupid car. I went to Aaron Brothers last Thursday to find a frame. I was inside for maybe 15 minutes and came back out to discover I'd stupidly left my lights on and my car wouldn't start. Hans left work to come jump me, but did I mention it was pouring rain that day? So we're standing outside in the rain trying to jump the car and the water drops falling on the hot engine are smoking. It wasn't pretty. We got it started, but something was still wrong. It would coast forward, but pressing down the gas pedal did nothing. Our wonderful friend Edgar came out to look at it on Saturday and found a blown fuse, which he fixed (thus the happy-cry) and we were able to drive it home. But Monday morning, it wouldn't start again. We've now replaced the battery and it seems ok. I think it was a dead battery, then we tried to jump it and blew a fuse, fixed the fuse but still needed to deal with a battery past its lifespan. Keep your fingers crossed it keeps working now...

Another baby highlight of the week was that we made our first baby clothing purchase! We've received a few items as gifts, but we weren't ready to buy anything yet.
But I've been eyeing this cute little onesie at baby gap for a while... not only does it match our nursery theme (hot air balloons!) but it's totally gender neutral! We are thinking about using it for the "coming home" outfit. Why are all baby clothes so dang cute and tiny? Love.

Oh, and that's probably my last photo as a 27-year-old.... Woot!

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  1. Your pregnancy is reminding me how many things I've already forgotten about being pregnant, and (sorry) how glad I am to not be experiencing those discomforts right now!

    It looks tiny until you put it on an even smaller baby!

    Each time I go to Baby Gap I mourn -- just a little -- that I have a boy. I love him. I wouldn't trade him in for a girl. (Or a dozen girls, I don't want a dozen child anythings.) Still, those pretty, pretty dresses... sigh.