Thursday, September 13, 2012

16 weeks

How Far Along: 16 weeks, 3 days
Size of the Baby: Avocado, 4.6 inches, 3.5 ounces
Weight gain/loss: Not since last week, I don't think
Sleep: Feeling sleepy, but getting a good 8-9 hours a night, even though I have to use the restroom every hour
Best Moment of the Week: Registering! It feels good to have that done and Hans sure had fun with that little scan gun. Another highlight? The first time someone straight up asked if I was pregnant! At church on Sunday I ran into a woman who used to be in our ward, but is now in a different ward so I haven't seen her in some time. She looked at my stomach and asked if I was pregnant! So maybe I'm finally leaving that awkward "is-she-or-isn't-she?" stage. Excited about that. Oh, and I switched prenatal vitamins!! This may seem a silly thing to be so excited about, but I really, really, really hated the old ones. They made my stomach hurt and I gagged every time I took them. Big, horse pills. I switched to gummy ones and they're wonderful. They're tasty and don't hurt and are changing my life.

Movement: None yet :(
Symptoms: Heartburn - awful heartburn. Some whackadoo dreams. Backaches and cramping. Stomach queasiness. But knock on wood, I seem to be through the worst of the morning sickness.
Food Cravings: pei wei spicy chicken, chocolate milkshakes
Gender: Team Green and going strong
Belly Button in or out:  In
Anything making you queasy or sick:  Indian food (sorry Danny!)
Labor Signs: Still no.
Wedding ring on or off: On.
What I miss: Sandwiches! I really miss Jimmy Johns runs at lunch time. And for some reason I've been really wanting a roast beef sandwich for a while.
What I am looking forward to: Feeling the baby's first movement. Should be any day now!
Nursery: Finished the sheetrock compound, ready to start up with the painting
Emotions:  Better than I've been in quite some time! All the anxiety that plagued me last week has calmed down and I've just felt very content and happy.
Stupid things I have done: I'm having trouble with words. Hans got a good laugh a couple days ago when I kept saying "coly potton" instead of "cotton poly." I also had one morning where I couldn't seem to get out of the house without forgetting anything. I had to go back a couple times and I still forgot the thing I was supposed to bring.


  1. my thoughts exactly! I was surprised... I'd probably never do that.

  2. Jimmy Johns was a frequently what my office would feed us when we needed to work late or through lunch. It was awful when I was pregnant! There's really nothing decent on their menu for the no-deli-meat crowd. I usually got the tuna, and tuna is not a polite office food. The BLT may also be safe, but I was always worried it wouldn't be filling enough. (The veggie sandwich - bleck - too many water vegetables and not enough substance.)