Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Finished nursery

Part I of our nursery makeover took us from nasty beadboard and blue walls to a neutral and blank slate.

We've spent the last few months making and adding little details and decorations. We wanted to continue the hot air balloon theme and add some subtle color without going overboard. Check it out!

We really struggled with what to do with the curtains ... everything we tried seemed to overpower the room. We ended up repurposing curtains from the downstairs living room and we're happy with the way it makes the window feel finished without being over the top. 
We did add some tie-backs using leftover fabric from the bunting. I was surprised by how easy these were to make. If you need the tutorial, it's here - just adjust the size. I doubled what she had listed because I wanted thicker ones and I'm glad I did.
Hans added some shelves inside the closet and I'm so glad for the extra storage space! And yes, I realize that's a lot of pink clothing. No, we don't know anything, we just have friends who recently had twin girls and sent us a box of all their newborn clothes. 
I couldn't find a crib skirt I liked and they're shockingly expensive! I really loved the bumper that went with our bedding set, but we had already decided not to use bumpers. But it was cheaper and cuter than the crib skirt, so we bought it and decided to put it UNDER the mattress, instead of above. And I really love how it looks there! 
Our frame gallery! I made the "child of god," "places you'll go," and "dream big little one" prints and bought the other three off etsy. The frame will eventually hold baby's going home onesie, which is currently packed in my hospital bag (it also has hot air balloons on it!) 
This was easy, just took forever! I had fun picking out the fabric. I actually made two of these and we were going to cross them over each other, but it was too much. So I have an extra if anyone wants one :)
I am particularly proud of this mobile - it was a project!! But I'm so happy with how it turned out. Hans helped,  of course :) You can buy the pattern from Craft Schmaft, or off etsy.

Thanks to the Schadalees for the giraffe - he matches perfectly! And I finally found this turquoise lamp at Home Goods. Gosh, I love that place.
The only thing missing is that we plan to put the baby's name on the wall above the crib... once we figure out what that is :) Come on baby, we're ready for you!


  1. It is lovely!

    (AND baby, come it's past time to be born!)

  2. AHHH Erika it's perfect! I can't wait to see it in person! You did such a good job!!

  3. I am so excited for you guys and I would love the extra banner if I may. I would be a much appreciated open house decoration. I can't wait for the pictures!

  4. *gasp* This is the most beautiful nursery I have ever seen! Y'all did such a great job on it :) Can't wait for baby Sweeting!

  5. Love this. You did such a great job. So excited to see the baby that gets to live in there.

  6. Nursery is adorable. Emma will love it! So excited for you guys.

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