Monday, January 14, 2013

Baby bathroom makeover

We haven't touched the second bathroom since.... well, ever. But certainly not since the boys moved out. Really, I just kept the door shut and pretended that room didn't exist.

But with baby on the way, it was in dire need of a makeover. Check out the before pics:

This project took me a while - there was a lot to do! And I'm proud to say that I did most of it myself (at 8 months pregnant) because Hans had his hands full with some problems in the garage and with our heating unit. So I tackled the list:

  • sanded down the dried up wallpaper glue and puttied up a bunch of holes
  • repainted with Glidden Water Chestnut - I wanted something nice and neutral since I planned on putting a lot of cutesy, colorful things in it
  • replaced towel bar with towel hooks (just plain, brushed steel ones for now... I'm looking for some cutesier ones)
  • replaced curtain rod with a rounded, brushed nickel rod for extra room
  • replaced gold, exposed bulb light with brushed nickel fixture
  • scrubbed like it's never been scrubbed. no offense boys, we love ya, but that room was DIRTY. I know Parker tried to clean it a couple times, but it needed some intensive treatment. I really expected to have to try several products and make several attempts on the black nastiness growing in the shower.... but to my great surprise and pleasure, I used a Clorox bleach pen on the grout and caulking, left for half an hour, came back and wiped it off and it was gone! I'm huge a fun of those pens now.
  • added all the baby stuff! I actually saw this whale collection at Target two years ago and fell in love with it. we'd always planned on not finding out the gender, so I knew gender neutral would be happening and I figured... why not just get it now? It's been sitting in our linen closet for two years and I finally got to pull it out and put up the cute shower curtain, towels, rug, trash can and other bathroom accessories. Only thing is that I discovered I'm missing the matching hand towel and now I can't find it anywhere :(
  • and the painting! I saw it on Pinterest and thought it'd be easy enough to re-create. I don't really have a tutorial necessarily (sorry, Laura!) but I do have some details about how I made it if you want to give it a go.  I used 8x10 canvases from Michaels - they were sold in packs of two and the packs were buy one get one free (total cost: ~$5). Picked up three cheap acrylic paints for about a buck each - a navy, a turquoise, and a baby blue. I printed the picture (greyscale, fast draft, cropped to match an 8x10 canvas) and then used leftover graphite paper from another project to trace. Then it was just painting! Since it's going in the bathroom, I did top it with a coat of polyurethane for extra protection.
I think the only other thing we want to do in here is some sort of shelves or medicine cabinet above the toilet for extra storage and maybe frame the mirror, but otherwise it's cute and clean and ready for baby!


  1. The whale pictures you made are my favorite part!

  2. I really like the makeover. Well done. See you Saturday

  3. The whale painting came out so cute!!!