Tuesday, January 8, 2013

33 weeks

How Far Along: 33 weeks, 1 day
Size of the Baby: Pineapple, 17 inches, 4.25 lbs
Weight gain/loss: I've gained four pounds since my last appointment - jeez! That's two pounds a week. I'm now up to 17 total for my pregnancy which is good - it's just hard to see those numbers going up.
Sleep: I'm exhausted. I think I'm as tired as or more than I was during the first trimester. And I'm having trouble sleeping. I actually woke Hans and I both up earlier this week - apparently, I tried to roll over in my sleep and got stuck. I grabbed on to him to try and pull myself the rest of the way over and woke us both up in the middle of the night. We laugh about it now...
Best Moment of the Week: We had a productive weekend. That always feels good. I got a lot of things crossed of my to-do list (72 hour kit, putting together baby's bathroom, finishing up some Christmas returns/exchanges at the mall, finally finished cleaning up Christmas around the house, etc) and that felt good. I have so many things I want to do before the baby gets here and sometimes I get frustrated with myself because I'm not making progress as fast as I'd like.

Movement: Lots and lots, and getting very, very painful. There's a lot in my ribs now. I can consistently feel hiccups on the left side of my belly button and on the right side I can feel what feels like a foot. I'm pretty sure the other day I felt the entire outline of the bottom of baby's foot. Weird. The movement feels a lot less like kicks now and more just... moving around. This wiggly baby is really starting to hurt.
Symptoms: Getting more swollen, but less nauseous, so that's good. Still having lots of heartburn. Had a couple charley horses this week, but not bad ones - I'm feeling really lucky on this front, especially when I hear stories from other pregnant women.
Food Cravings: Mostly, still just very thirsty. I did really want a salad last Friday and ice cream over the weekend. Corn Chex has been sounding good a lot lately, too.
Gender: :)
Belly Button in or out: Same
Anything making you queasy or sick: Something at church yesterday smelled really awful - I think there was a dirty diaper near me.
Labor Signs: None.
Wedding ring on or off: On
What I miss: Clothes. I've reached that point where I can't get comfortable to save my life. All I want to wear is Hans' sweat pants and t-shirts. I don't even want to wear my pajamas or my leggings - I just want to wear Hans' grubby clothes. I put them on the second I walk in the door from work/errands/church, and don't ever want to take them off. Plus, it's been cold and I am poorly equipped for cold-weather maternity clothes.
What I am looking forward to: Our birthing classes start tonight. I'm both looking forward to it and kind of nervous. It means that we're really here, this is really happening. I'm looking forward to learning more about the birthing process and having a lot of my questions answered, but kinda nervous at the same time that I'll feel overwhelmed or scared by the information. Oh, and my dad is coming to visit tomorrow and I'm really excited about that.
Nursery: It's not nursery necessarily, but it is "baby nesting" - I *FINALLY* re-did the bathroom for the baby! It was probably the biggest embarrassment in our house. I'll do a separate post on the makeover, but after a lot of hard work this weekend, it's sparkling clean, has a new coat of paint, new fixtures, and tons of cute baby bathroom stuff.
Emotions: Definitely more varied. I felt giddy a couple times this weekend (finishing the bathroom!), I've felt randomly down without being able to pinpoint why, and I've done lots of crying (baby blessing - that always does it for me - and I got released from my calling. They cried, I cried... It was emotional).
Stupid things I have done: Thursday morning I left for work wearing Hans' house slippers. I had to go back for real shoes. I should have just worn the slippers to work.


  1. =D

    Stop looking at the scale; it's only going to get rapidly worse. I refused to look at the scale from the time I became preganant until 3 /months/ after baby was born. The only thing the doctors and nurses were allowed to tell me is if my weight gain was "good" or if I needed to gain more. Silly, but true, how important that number is in the self-identity of a woman.

  2. Oh my gosh. You look way too cute to be 33 weeks along. holy cow I cannot wait to meet this little peanut!

  3. You're looking great! I am excited to hear about birthing classes. So glad you're wearing comfortable clothes when you get home. You deserve it. Honestly. Pregnancy can be tough and exhausting so you might as well dress comfortable right? Ha

  4. You look so beautiful! Moshe is sitting here with me...told him how we met and were inseparable all of college. So wish I could be there during this special time. Thinking of you all the time!! Xoxo