Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Stone borders

I never knew it took as little as cheap stone to make my husband very happy.

A few posts ago, I talked about making baby steps in the front yard. We took a few more this weekend. Hans has really been wanting to put stones around our trees, but when we looked at them at Home Depot there were pretty pricey - something like $2.50 a stone and we'd need probably 20-25 per tree.

After poking around on the interwebs some, Hans found a stone place in a warehouse section of Austin. Nervously, we headed over there and were pleasantly surprised. It was mostly contractors there, but the employees were really helpful and nice even though we weren't making a huge purchase. The selection is incredible. They have so many different types of stone and in many, many different sizes, colors and styles. You drive your car up on a scale and they weigh it. Then you drive onto the lot and load your car up with whatever stone you want. Then you go back to the scale and re-weigh. It's sold by the ton. We started with a small amount to make sure we'd like it. We got 300 pounds of white stone edgers and it cost us less than $25. If you're in the market, check them out: Austin Custom Stone on Terry-O Lane.

And here's the difference it makes!


We're headed back today to pick up more stone for the other two trees. And Hans is already scheming about what he can do with stone in the backyard. Baby steps, baby steps...


  1. That looks great! I hope the HOA doesn't give you grief.

  2. Uh oh... maybe I missed something. Why would they give us grief?

  3. That looks so nice!!! Way to go...it looks so fun to be in a home...still lovin your cute blog.