Monday, April 2, 2012

The grass is always greener

Our yard is a mess. Actually, I'm kinda using the word "yard" loosely to describe what we got going on. We inherited a struggling-to-survive mess from the trainwreck of a woman who lived in our house before us. And with the drought last year, we just gave up. In fact, our HOA (who totally have a stick shoved up where the sun don't shine) sent us a notice sometime last summer about how our yard wasn't meeting their standards. It was quickly followed up by a letter to the whole community saying "oh, forget it. You can all let your yards go." And we all did.

Ours has pretty much been a patch of very dry dirt covered in very dead leaves. With all the rain we've had in the past weeks, it's also now got a fair amount of nasty weeds.

The HOA sent a notice to all residents this week that we must re-sod or xeriscape before May 1. That means we have a LOT of work to do.

While I was feeling a bit under the weather this weekend, Hans got to work. He underestimated how much sod we need, so we still need to get some more to fill in the patches. Let's not even talk about the backyard yet.

It's a start, huh? Baby steps, baby steps....

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