Tuesday, March 20, 2012

This guy and pink

Remember that I work with mostly women, and one poor unfortunate guy? I say unfortunate because when he got married, we threw him a ridiculously pink bachelorette party? Well, now he and his wife and his daughter will be joined by... another daughter (this guy is doomed to be surrounded by all women).

So, of course, we threw a ridiculously pink baby shower.

Hans made that fondant elephant on the cake :) From this angle, you can't tell that this cake was nearly tipping over.... I filled it with raspberry jam and I think it was too soft... the layers were about to topple! But it sure was tasty.

We did a "baby foods" theme... mini pizzas, mini quiche, mini tacos. mini muffins, baby carrots, and (at the odd request of our boss) mini corn

And we drank out of zippy cups! Which one is mine? (careful, racist! ;))

And what shower would be complete without the sniff the poop game? The only one that really stumped him was the Hershey bar. I think he was over thinking it...
Congrats, bud. Can't wait to meet your little one!

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