Monday, March 5, 2012

New office, new office!

After talking about it for over a year, my company has finally moved offices! I'm loving it so much. Not only has it changed the atmosphere (a lot more relaxed), I have more space and more light! And the commute is much better. Actual mileage-wise it's about the same, but it's west of Austin (360/Beecave area) so I don't have to fight downtown traffic anymore (and no more dealing with convention center traffic - Hallelujah!)

One tiny office with two rather large desks crammed in there. No windows, just nasty fluorescent lights.
View from the doorway - that's a big whiteboard on the left 
My desk space - all crammed in there
Lots of space! Airy, pretty desk! Huge monitor and a nice bookcase for storage. And tons of windows!
View from the doorway, there's four desks in there and we still don't feel like we're on top of one another.
My desk space! I love the desk (Vika Artur legs and Vika Gruvan top from Ikea) and a Micke filing cabinet, with an Expedit for a bookcase, I did NOT love putting all those things together. 
View from my seat 
Cupcakes and Harry Potter... you can tell which desk is mine :)

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  1. And 360 is a pretty drive this time of year :)