Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sad year for blueberries

Last Saturday we went to Houston for our annual blueberry picking trip. Since I was little, my family has always gone to Moorhead's Blueberry Farm in Conroe.

Last year, we got 22 lbs. There's actually still one bag left in my freezer.
Last year's haul
This year was disappointing. The price has gone up - from $1.50/lb to $2. I'm ok with that - I know it's been a rough year and it's still a steal. But thanks to the freezes we had this winter and the current drought we're in, the plants had very few blueberries. Many shriveled ones, many small ones, many white ones. Not a lot of good ones for picking. We stayed for much longer than last year and only walked away with six pounds. Six!! Sad, sad, sad.

If it rains, we'll try and go again one more time this year. Here's hoping....

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