Thursday, June 16, 2011

MMMmmm... Banana birthday cake

Monday night I'm heading upstairs and I notice a passport sitting on the bottom steps. I pick it up to see who it belongs to - Oh, it's Paul's. And... his birthday is June 15?? What?? Why didn't he tell anyone?!

Birthdays need cake. It's a rule, I think. When Paul said he wanted a banana cake, I remember this delicious little lovely I had tried back in December.

It's very easy to make. I used three small rounds this time for a higher, but smaller cake. And I forget ears - Oops! But he's still cute (the monkey, not Paul ;)), so it's ok.

It tastes a lot like banana bread, but cakey! It might be nice with some walnuts in it or something (Paul just didn't want any). I love how evenly this cake bakes. It's moist without feeling too mushy, and definitely the perfect density for stacking. I love how pretty it looks every inside.

Not a *huge* fan of the icing. It's too sweet. And it was too runny (but adding more powdered sugar would have overpowered the taste, so that was out). I think I'll use a different buttercream next time.

Happy Birthday, Paul! We are so glad to have you living with us.

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