Saturday, January 1, 2011

New goals (not resolutions!)

Are New Year's Resolutions cliche? I feel like the second you call them Resolutions, they're bound to get broken. However, at this time of year, I feel compelled to evaluate myself and my goals and focus on areas I'd like to work on. Mandy K. gave a great lesson in relief society a few weeks ago about setting goals, how it's important to have things to work toward, and how they should be things that are realistic and you can break down into manageable, track-able bits.

That being said, here are some goals I'd like to work on for 2011:

1. Continue to visit the temple once a month. We haven't missed since we started going in Aug. 2008, so we definitely want to continue this, and increase to more as scheduling permits. I'd also like to visit at least one temple other than San Antonio this year.

2. Improve at tithing payment. Last year, we paid when we could, as we attempted to juggle funds. This year, Hans set it up so that our tithing is being skimmed off our paychecks before they ever even hit our bank account. Hopefully, this well help us pay FIRST THING. Which leads me to goal #3...

3. Improve finances. Pay off any outstanding credit cards (I'm looking at you, Best Buy card with the fridge on it) and start a savings account.

4. Home Improvements. Our list is long: Living room rug, living room seating, office desks, paint, countertops, new appliances, kitchen backsplash, etc, etc. I hope we can accomplish many of these things this year, but I'm going to start with paint. This year, I would like to finish ALL painting, including all trim and door paint. That's manageable, right?

5. Develop more hobbies. In 2010, I discovered that I have a real passion for baking. I like all cooking, but I've learned that in my spare time, I just want to bake. It's relaxing and fun. I want to learn how to make not only tasty things, but pretty things, too! In 2010 also, Hans got in touch with his "manly" side and discovered he likes to build things! (Which I appreciate.) With the new power tools he got for Christmas, he hopes to build many more things for our house and yard this year.

6. This year, we will read the Book of Mormon together as a family. We're pretty good at our personal scripture study, but need to improve our family study. So Jan. 1, we're starting at 1st Nephi and going on through.

7. While we ran a lot and worked out a lot in 2010, it feels like we've hit a bit of a plateau with our fitness. So... we must need a goal. I'd like to participate in at least one organized run this year. Race for the Cure, Cap10k, Turkey Trot, I dunno. Something. Anything.

8. Food storage. Work on it. Period.

That's where we're at, though I'm sure there's many more that we're missing. What's on your list?

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