Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Should I be this excited?

The other night Hans and I were driving home from Target and as we passed the shopping center on Brodie, I let out a squeal.

"Was that a HomeGoods sign? Did they put a HomeGoods store in here and I didn't know about it? Is it open? Am I making this up?"

The short answer: No. I'm probably way more excited than I should be.

But I LOVE this store! Austin doesn't have one and I look forward to our trips to the Woodlands or to the temple in San Antonio because I always try and squeeze in stops at the HomeGoods. They always have awesome stuff at really cheap prices - just last week I got new bath mats for the bathroom for $15.

I know where I'll be Oct. 24.


  1. Boo. Hans just pointed out that Oct. 24 is a Sunday. I guess I'll be there on the 25th :(