Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Root Beer Bundt Cake

Well, what's left of it anyway.

With Jalaine and her friend Charlie in town (and with Friday off, for a change!) I decided to do some baking. I've actually never done a bundt before, so it was different! I used a recipe from The Kitchn and am pretty happy with it. I'm not sure where the root beer part comes in - I couldn't taste it. But I also couldn't find root beer with cane sugar and just used IBC. Maybe that would have made a difference. It's very dense, very moist, and very, very chocolatey. We devoured pretty ruthlessly. Must have with milk.


  1. Given that I dislike the simultaneous taste of root beer and chocolate, I don't know that the non-root beer taste is a great loss.

    I'm curious if this recipe would work by substituting coke-with-cane-sugar for the root beer. Granted, a coke and chocolate combination is not an improvement over a root beer and chocolate combination...

    Apparently it was very delicious! I love the picture.

  2. I was wondering about the coke thing too! Someone I knew in college used to make amazing coca-cola cake so I may have to try that substitution.

    Do you not like root beer, chocolate, or just the combo?

  3. I totally making this next week as my celebration for getting through the election season!

  4. For all of those who missed it, it was amazing. Thanks Erika!

  5. You bake so much, I love it. I never do-but you're inspiring me to stop being such a bum.

    I am going tomake something pumpkin besides pie!