Thursday, May 12, 2011

This rug makes me happy

Rugs are expensive. Did you know this? I did not know this. Not until we moved into a house with a cavernous living room and wood floors. It echoes. A lot. So we've been on the lookout for a good rug for months now.

At times we've had no rug.

At times we've used a dinky small, green rug that didn't really go with the rest of the room, was too small for the space and just looked old and shabby. But at least it covered the floor.

Point #2 about rugs: Most of them are also ugly. We looked all over and couldn't find one that wasn't ridiculous. Then we saw the Andalusia Rug at West Elm.
We love the simple but fun pattern. We love that the yellow color to pop against our gray walls. We do not love the price tag. So while we've been drooling over it for several months, we couldn't bring ourselves to bite the bullet.

Everytime we go to the outlets in San Antonio, I peruse the rug section at Pottery Barn. Hans hates look at rugs. He hates looking at rugs even more when it's at the Pottery Barn outlet and they're all rolled up and you have to dig through it. Tough. I kept thinking, one day we'll get lucky.

And then it happened. Last time we were there, I spied a roll of yellow peaking out from the mound of rugs. I pulled it out and behold! The exact rug I've been oogling for so long now. Hans didn't believe me. I had to pull up the picture on West Elm's website to prove it. And it was marked down 33 percent!

Giddy over our good luck, we snatched that bad boy up before anyone else could grab it. We brought it home and sigh every day over how lovely it is. The size (5' x 8') is so much better for the space and it really brings in a splash of color.

Outlet malls save the day, once again.

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