Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Another successful retreat

Perhaps you've noticed I've been gone for awhile. Maybe not. I'm not sure who really reads anyway.

I had another big trip for work. This one was here in Austin, but felt like I was out of town. I left home at the crack of dawn Wednesday and didn't get home until late afternoon on Sunday. I worked 90 hours and slept about five hours a night. I was on my feet so much, my ankles, legs and feet got so swollen I had difficulty wearing shoes. At least I know what I can look forward to when I'm pregnant. It was exhausting. It was stressful. My brain feels fried and all I want to do now is sleep for a week straight.

But it wasn't all bad. No, in fact, parts of it were pretty awesome. Check it out:
  • Wednesday we did a bat cruise - most of our guests had never been to awesome before and it was more fun watching them see the bats come out for the first time than actually watching the bats come out.
  • Thursday we visited the Wildflower Center (beautiful!) and watched a screening of the documentary Bag It! It's about our society's use of plastic. It was pretty interesting and I'd recommend. We also ate my fav - trailer food. Yum.
  • Friday was awesome. It was a full day and involved stand up paddle boarding, yoga, walking, fitness classes, a tour of Texas Disposal Systems' gigantic recycling facility, meet and greet with animals, armadillo racing, delicious Salt Lick BBQ and a special performance by Ray Benson and Asleep at the Wheel. Whew. My favorite parts were the overly-friendly warthog that stuck his snout up my skirt and feeding my buddy Stretch. He loves those carrots.
  • Saturday we did a cooking class at Whole Foods (very yum) and had dinner at the home of Tom and Lynn Meredith. Tom's a former exec from Dell and they currently live in the Four Seasons Residences Penthouse. Let's just say... it's amazing.

Altogether, while I'm totally drained at the moment, I know I'm pretty lucky. How many other people get to do these kinds of things and call it work? Awesome. I love it.

Now I'm going to go sleep.

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