Thursday, July 29, 2010

Too white or just right?

As I'm figuring out what to do with the bathroom, I noticed that I'm gravitating toward bright whites and hues that are barely-there color. I've done this with our bedroom in the past, and I tend toward whites in the kitchen, too.

Hans has questioned in the past whether you can have too much white/light tones. Are white rooms calming, ethereal and serene? Or are they boring, washed out and sterile? What do you think?

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  1. I've always felt that white rooms can only work depending on what you have outside your window.

    If you are in the middle of downtown New York, something completely white can be great because it makes you feel clean in a dirty city. If you are at the beach, you usually need to find more exciting colors (though usually pale) because of the whiteness of the sand outside of your window.

    Since I know you have a lot of trees around your house, I would recommend if you go with white rooms then make sure the window dressings are minimal to let in as much light as possible. I would also mix in some small pops of color (like a chocolate brown or a forest green) to mimic the outdoors around your house.

    Also, keep in mind about white spaces is that you will have to keep them PRISTINE and clean. With dogs, that can often times be very difficult.

    Passionate, non-professional designer

  2. The majority of your inspiration/example photos feature rooms filled with only white and clear objects. It makes for a very pretty picture, but doesn't necessarily show how a real, used, lived-in room will feel like.

    You can have too many pale shades if you do the entire house in white and barely-there. You've already successfully avoided that ;)

    The visual contrast between pale, quiet, private places will contrast nicely with your more colorful living and kitchen areas.