Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Navigating Swagbucks

I've been following the My Litter of Six blog for a couple months now and noticed that every once in a while she mentions something called Swagbucks. Truthfully, I kind of skimmed past these posts.

But last week, one really caught my eye. Tiffany was talking about how her vacuum died so she ordered a new one (one of those nice $300 Dysons) off Amazon.com and didn't pay anything by using her Swagbucks.

Well played, You have my attention. How do you use Swagbucks to get a vacuum for free?

I signed up for an account, but am still figuring out how this works. I know you can earn points randomly while doing web searches. You can also earn points by typing in Swagcodes that you find on facebook, twitter, blogs, etc. Then there are tasks. Some are easy - watch a video, click through some ads! But some are, in my opinion, not worth the effort. One took me an hour and I only got two points for it.

You can then redeem your swagbucks for cool prices (like Tiffany's vacuum). There are gift cards to most places that you can imagine. I'm a bit skeptical, still, because after almost a week I have a grand total of 28 Swagbucks. By my count, Tiffany must have had 2,700 Swagbucks to get that Dyson. I'm a long way a way.

Anyone have any experience with Swagbucks? Any tips to help me earn more, faster? I know that if any of you, my friends, sign up on my referral, I'll get points for your joining. If you're interested, please use my little widget here to sign up.

Off to do more searching...

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