Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Mustang is no more

Good news!

We sold the Mustang.

This beat up old thing has been in Hans' family since the late 90s. First his brother's, Hans started driving it when he turned 16. It's been through several wrecks and isn't in the best condition. The A/C only blows out of the defrost vents, one of the tires has a slow leak, the emergency brake is broken, and the muffler needs replacing. Hans hasn't driven it since we got married because it can't pass a state inspection. It's been sitting in our apartment parking lot for months.

But not anymore! We finally sold it on craigslist. We didn't get as much as we hoped for, but given the condition it was in and our great need to sell it, it's a miracle that it sold. It couldn't have come at a better time, either.

Thank heaven for answered prayers.


  1. Seriously. With those specs (or should I say lack there-of), it was a miracle! Yay!

  2. i would have given you $16 for it.